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Medium Jazz Waltz in F major “Spots of Sunshine”

This is the jam track play along for a medium jazz waltz composition in F major at 115 BPM titled ‘Spots of Sunshine’ inspired by a popular jazz standard chord progression. This track is played in a jazz trio setting and features Benjamin Harrison (benharrison.com.au) on piano and double bass, and Ben Todd (bentodd.com.au) on drums.

Some other jazz standards and compositions that use a similar chord progression/sequence to this jam track are ‘Polkadots and Moonbeams’ by Jimmy Van Heusen. And if you know of any others or contrafacts of these tunes, let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

The Ben’s Jam Tracks: Jazz Sessions jam tracks were recorded with an emphasis on creating an organic dynamic flow that builds during the duration of the track with tasteful rhythm and comping parts that support soloing over the chord changes without getting in the way and a stylistically appropriate ending/tag as you would find playing with a live jazz trio.

You can also buy versions of this track ‘Without Drums’ to practice your jazz drumming skills, ‘Without Bass’ to work on your jazz walking bass line construction and ‘Without Piano’ to practise your jazz piano comping and soloing. These alternate versions are a fantastic tool for improving your time feel and practising your rhythm section accompaniment.

3 x Lead Sheets (Melody + Chords) (Concert, Bb and Eb) View example

1 x 320kbps 48kHz MP3 Audio File

Please note that 'For Piano' track versions may still contain backing pads/chordal elements and the 'For Drums' track versions will often still contain percussion elements/part (claps, shakers, congas, etc.).
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Jazz Sessions Pack Vol. 2

This jam pack contains 10 Jam Tracks BJT #JS11-20 released in 2020 in either the Normal, Without Bass, Without Drums or Without Piano track version depending on your selection.

Track ID: BJT#js18
Track Duration: 5:16
Key: F major
Tempo: 115 BPM
Time Signature: 4/4
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