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High quality jazz, funk, fusion, neo soul (and more!) play-along jam tracks for practising your improvisation, scales, chord comping, groove, rhythm and accompaniment skills.

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Product image for Jam Track Bundle Vol. 3
NEWJam Track Bundle Vol. 3

This bundle contains 30 Jam Tracks - BJT #61-90 released in 2020 in either the Normal, For Bass, For Drums or For Piano track version depending on your selection.

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Product image for Blues Shuffle in G blues “Running Cuts”
120BPM / 6:17
Buy $2.99
Product image for Pocket Groove in F# minor “Sidewalk Strut”
92BPM / 5:22
Buy $2.99
Product image for Jazz Funk Fusion in F minor / F major “Maximus Groovus”
120BPM / 6:05
Buy $2.99
Product image for 7/8 Modern Jazz Fusion in C minor “The Seventh Samurai”
116BPM / 5:38
Buy $2.99
Product image for Mellow Pop Groove in D major “Sunset Cruise”
100BPM / 5:14
Buy $2.99
Product image for Jazz Pop Fusion in E minor “Nuclear Fusion”
110BPM / 6:50
Buy $2.99
Product image for Drum ‘n’ Bass in Eb minor “Nerve Endings”
175BPM / 5:10
Buy $2.99
Product image for Latin Jazz Fusion in C minor “Cascara Mascara”
108BPM / 6:09
Buy $2.99
Product image for Modern Jazz Fusion in E minor “Fusebox”
132BPM / 5:05
Buy $2.99
Welcome to Ben's Jam Tracks!

I hope you enjoy my play along backing tracks that I produce in many different styles / genres - jazz fusion, smooth jazz, acid jazz, latin jazz, neo soul, groove, funk and more.

My jam tracks can be used to practise your improvisation / soloing skills, scales, chord comping and rhythm on instruments such as guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, harmonica, violin, bass and other lead or chordal instruments; or to work on your rhythm section accompaniment and improving your time feel on instruments such as keyboard, electric and upright bass, drums and percussion.

Tracks are available in different versions depending on the track; Normal (for guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and other solo instruments), For Bass (bass part removed), For Drums (drum part removed) and For Piano (piano/keyboard part removed).

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Product image for Jazz Sessions Bundle Vol. 2
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Product image for Jazz Sessions Bundle Vol. 1
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