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Fast Latin Jazz Fusion in E minor “Keep Up” NEW

This is a play along Fast Latin Jazz Fusion jam track in E minor at 280 BPM titled “Keep Up”

Great for practising your improvisation, scales, chord comping and rhythm on instruments such as guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, harmonica, violin, bass and other lead or chordal instruments.

Or you can use the ‘For Drums’, ‘For Bass’ or ‘For Piano’ versions to practise your rhythm section accompaniment.

1 x Chord Chart (Concert Key) View example

1 x 320kbps 48kHz MP3 Audio File

Please note that 'For Piano' track versions may still contain backing pads/chordal elements and the 'For Drums' track versions will often still contain percussion elements/part (claps, shakers, congas, etc.).
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Track ID: BJT#102
Track Duration: 6:01
Key: E minor
Tempo: 280 BPM
Time Signature: 4/4
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