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Neo Soul Groove in C minor “Up Late” (multi-track)

This is a play along Neo Soul Groove style jam track in C minor at 75 BPM titled “Up Late”.

This download includes separated WAV files of each part (see below), plus all mp3 versions (normal, for bass, for drums and for piano) and a simple chord chart.

Multi-track files include:

  • Count In
  • Keyboard
  • Bass Synth
  • Additional (Guitar FX/Synth/FX combined)
  • Drums + Percussion (combined)
  • Percussion (to be used when Drums + Percussion audio file is muted)

Please note: multi-track audio files are un-mastered and may sound different than the mp3 tracks. The Drums track is provided combined with Percussion and cannot be provided as separate file due to third-party drum sample EULAs.

1 x Chord Chart (Concert Key) View example

4 x 320kbps 48kHz MP3 Audio File

6 x WAV Audio File

Provided as a single ZIP archive file for download

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Track ID: BJT#70
Track Duration: 4:25
Key: C minor
Tempo: 75 BPM
Time Signature: 4/4