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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post a video playing along to your track on social media (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/etc.)?

Yes! You may use purchased tracks from Ben’s Jam Tracks to exhibit your personal musical skills in a non-commercial / non-monetized video or audio performance which may be posted on-line.

Including a credit / link back to the original track is always appreciated.

Please note that as my tracks are registered with the Google Content ID system via Audiam (a third party provider), if you post a video containing one of my tracks on YouTube, you will most likely receive a copyright claim created against it. This is not a copyright strike and does not affect your account status; however, YouTube may place ads on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner of the track.

What is included in a track download / what format are the audio files?

Please view the individual product pages for exact download contents, but typically most individual jam track purchases include a 320kbps 48kHz mp3 audio file in the version chosen plus a simple chord chart in Concert key in PDF format (View example). Some jam tracks also contain an additional expanded chord chart with markings that outline some of the horn line rhythms or provide greater rhythmic detail – if this is available it is mentioned in the product description.

Jazz Sessions jam tracks include chord charts in PDF format in Concert, Bb and Eb keys.

Multi-track downloads include all versions of a track (normal / for bass / for drums / for piano) as 320kbps 48kHz mp3 audio files plus separated 44.1kHz 16bit WAV files of each part (see individual product pages for break-down) so that you can remove multiple instruments/parts when jamming with friends.

Please note that the separated multi-track audio files are un-mastered and may sound different than the mp3 tracks. The Drums part is always provided combined with the Percussion part (a separate isolated percussion audio file is also provided) and cannot be provided as a separate file due to a third-party drum sample end-user license agreement (EULA).

Can I use one of your tracks to write a song / on an album / in a commercial (for profit) project?

Sorry, no – I do not permit any commercial re-use of my jam tracks. My jam tracks are copyrighted sound recordings and are provided for educational purposes only. Please read the complete Terms of Use for any further clarification.

However, I do produce custom tracks for select projects – so please contact me to discuss your production needs.

Can I use your tracks in my own educational content / in my gear demo/review video?

Maybe. Please contact me to see if this may be possible in your particular situation.

Are your tracks royalty-free / can I re-sample or re-use content in my own track?

No. My tracks are copyrighted sound recordings and are not royalty free. You cannot distribute, sell, copy, publish, extract, re-utilise, or otherwise reproduce any part of my tracks for your own personal or commercial financial gain, or use as a basis for creating a derivative work, or as a part of an unrelated work. Please read the complete Terms of Use for any further clarification.